Marshall County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
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Welcome to VOAD of Marshall County !


 Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster



    Marshall County Voad consists of non-profit agencies, businesses, faith based churches/groups. 

    The purpose of Marshall County VOAD is to bring together orginizations to foster a more effective/ unified response to the people, in times of a community disaster.

    VOAD acts as an umbrella for all the non-profit and faith based orginizations in Marshall County. Each member organization maintains its own identity and independence yet works closely with other agencies to improve services and eliminate unnecessary duplication. VOAD members will share information to facilitate access to available resources and services. This cooperation will result in coordinated response and recovery efforts by member organizations in disasters and large-scale emergencies which may befall the area. Marshall County VOAD members will be involved from first response through recovery.

     Individuals, families and communities affected by disaster may receive assistance from a variety of member organizations.



The core values of VOAD:






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